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Used BMW Buying FAQs

1. Which models are available in your BMW Tucson Inventory?

We carry a variety of pre-owned BMWs at Car Time Supercenter. Our most popular models are the BMW 3 series, and the BMW x5. However, with having access to auctions across the county, we can find anything your looking for!


2. Should you buy a pre owned BMW in Tucson AZ?

Absolutely! Tucson has been know for being a dry climate, so rust and other issues in colder or more humid states are not an issue with desert vehicles! 

3. How much are used BMWs at Car Time Supercenter?

The prices of our used BMWs vary by make, model, mileage and year. With all our inventory, we price according to Kelly Blue Book values to ensure the customer is paying what the vehicle is worth, and not a penny more.

4. Is a used BMW worth buying?

Absolutely! Its no secret that new BMWs take the biggest hit in value with the first owner. This is perfect opportunity to buy a BMW you have always wanted at a discounted rate, and after the first round of depreciation. 

5. Where to buy a used BMW in Tucson AZ

Car Time Supercenter has all your needs when purchasing a used car or truck! We stock over 120 units to best serve everyone's needs. With over 60 lenders to choose from, and over 35 years of experience, let Car Time get you into the BMW you deserve.