Driving an elegant and unique vehicle doesn't have to put you in the poor house. When Tucson drivers want an affordable Volkswagen model, they turn to the used Volkswagen selection at Car Time Supercenter. Whether you want a classically beautiful sedan like the legendary Volkswagen Jetta or iconic coupe like the Volkswagen Beetle, Car Time Supercenter is the Volkswagen dealer for Tucson, AZ.

You likely have not had the pleasure of driving the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, you are in for a genuine treat. This plucky little coupe is worth the trip to Tucson, alone. Each commute across town in a Volkswagen Beetle is an enjoyable experience, with its comfortable seats that hug and support you on the road, large airy cabin, and infotainment features. When you arrive on campus, your fellow Wildcats will immediately know you have arrived. It is a spectacular car, ready and willing to handle your commute on the city streets or busy interstate.

Speaking of fun, the Volkswagen Jetta provides a pleasurable commute whether you're heading to school or the office. It shines with its elegant features and exceptional Volkswagen design. The used Jetta at Car Time Supercenter comes packed with plenty of advanced collision-avoidance technology you'll discover on the newest Jetta on the road today. Its EPA-estimated 31 mpg on the streets of Tucson and 45 mpg on the highway make it a remarkably fuel-efficient option when you have lots of driving to do to get you from home to the office. And you will look great behind the wheel of this sleek and stylish sedan.

Some decisions are no-brainers. The choice to drive a classically beautiful Volkswagen from Car Time Supercenter is one of those decisions. Whether you choose the Beetle or the Jetta, there is no wrong answer. Decide which fits your needs and style best, and you'll be driving away from Tucson in your new-used Volkswagen before you know it.

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